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3ds max 7

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中文名: 3ds max 7英文名: 3ds max 7别名: 3ds max 7版本: 7.0官方中文版(4CD)发行时间: 2004年08月02日制作发行: Discreet地区: 大陆简介:
Discreet Announces 3ds max 7
Leonard Teo, 2 August 2004
Discreet today announced 3ds max 7 - the newest version of its acclaimed 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. Discreet’s 3ds max 7 software will be shown for the first time publicly at the international SIGGRAPH Exhibition in Los Angeles, CA (August 10th -12th).
Responding to the ever-increasing industry need for powerful yet approachable non-linear animation tools, Discreet is integrating its award-winning advanced character motion toolset character studio into the core feature set of 3ds max 7. With a unique constraint-based non-linear animation mixer, highly scalable behavioral crowd simulation capabilities, and extensive motion capture filtering and editing facilities, character studio brings industry leading price/performance capabilities to the existing 3ds max character toolset. The result of the integration of character studio and 3ds max is the democratization of character animation functionality, which up until now has been found in solutions costing two to three times more than 3ds max.
3ds max 7 also offers a wide range of newly developed core functionality including industry-first Normal Mapping, a workflow accelerator for gaming; and Edit Poly Modifier, designed to improve ease of use and speed of animation (a more comprehensive feature list is included below). Such groundbreaking features as Normal Mapping continue Discreet’s legacy of cross-pollinating innovative technologies between market segments, where features originally designed for one market segment such as games can have a significant impact on other segments such as film or design visualization.
Built in conjunction with industry artists and facilities, 3ds max 7 is aimed at boosting facility productivity and meeting the demanding production requirements set by today’s highly competitive environment.
Additional major new features in 3ds max 7 include:
Normal Mapping - industry first revolutionary workflow developed for gaming adds extreme detail to low-polygon models with high resolution maps – and with complete rendering support normal mapping brings great time-saving benefits to film production and cinematic visualizations
mental ray 3.3 - enhanced integration in 3ds max with accelerated performance and better memory efficiency. Improved Global Illumination, new support for Render to Texture and Normal Mapping, and Sub-Surface Scattering that disperses light for amazingly realistic skin and dense translucent object rendering
Parameter Collector - a new, unified interface that improves efficiency when animating multiple parameters for any character setup
Parameter Editor - an enhanced, more powerful version of the Custom Attributes feature with new data types and functionality
Edit Poly Modifier - significantly increases the rapidity and ease at which complex polygonal surfaces can be created, modified and then animated - improving the creative process
Skin Wrap Deformer - greatly improved character animation workflow with easy application of props and clothing to pre-skinned 3D models
Snapping Workflow - improved accuracy and viewport feedback for the underlying snapping system in 3ds max
Paint Selections - an intuitive and interactive method for building selections with a brush-based interface
Enhanced Interactive Performance and Scalability - an ongoing program to enable 3ds max to scale to very large datasets including smart object culling for high performance manipulation of large numbers of objects
TurboSmooth - a highly optimized smoothing algorithm for increased performance of high resolution models
Mobile Gaming Development Tools - native mobile 3D asset creation with new JSR 184 exporter and per camera diagnostic tools
Discreet 3ds max was used to generate 3D visual effects in motion pictures such has The Day After Tomorrow, The Alamo, The Last Samurai, The Triplets of Belleville, Xmen-2 and the majority of award winning PC and console games including Spider- Man and Spider-Man 2 The Game (Treyarch); Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire (BioWare); Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Rainbow 6 series (Ubisoft); the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto III series (Rockstar); Halo and Halo 2 (Bungie); and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stone (Electronic Arts).
Pricing and Availability
3ds max 7 is expected to ship in fall 2004 for US 3,495. Localized versions are planned to be available later in 2004 and 2005. Upgrade pricing from 3ds max 6 is US 795; and 3ds max 5 US 1,295. Discreet’s Subscription Program benefits customers with access to new software feature extensions, patches, upgrades, and e-learning content for an annual fee.
3ds max 7 new features include:
3DMAX 7 新的功能包括:
character studio 4
CS 4
mental ray 3.3
mental ray 3.3
Normal Mapping Tool
Render to Texture Update
Edit Poly Modifier
Editable Poly Enhancements
Paint Selections
Paint Deform for Poly Objects
Improved UV editing
Modular DX Materials
模组的 DX 事物
DirectX Standard Material
DirectX 标准材质
Pixel-based Camera Mapping
Parameter Collections
Skin Morph Modifier
Skin Wrap Deformer
Reaction Controller Update
Snapping Improvements
Mobile Gaming Features
1st Person Camera
windows XP系统(打SP2补丁)
最少DirectX 8.1
max 7 的新增功能
character studio 4 : 內建,並且整合到max 中增加執行效能
Parameter Collections : 自訂參數控制組並成為浮動視窗
Skin Morph Modifier : 可以隨骨骼彎曲角度進行 Morph 動畫。
Skin Wrap Deformer: 可以將模型skin 在另一個物件上
Animation Controller Subsystem:目前不明,應該是類似layer 的動畫控制器
Curve Editor 和 Dope Sheet: 顯示能力增強
Dynamics core : 加入慣性處理,良好的搭配自設Keyframe
Reaction Controller: 加強的事件式運動控制器(期待能有一番作為ㄚ...)
Editable Poly : 增強功能,Preserve UV 功能可維持貼圖軸不變的狀況下編輯模型
New Edit Poly Modifier: 這不用多說了,大家都期待的東西,不過似乎會少一些poly的功能,並且可記錄動畫。
Turbo Smooth: 新的smooth 系統,應該是用來取代meshsmooth 的東西。
Renderable Normal Maps: Good~ Normal Maps 現在可以使用在影像製作上,而且據說計算速度比Bump Map 快。
Paint Selections: Good~ c4d 和silo 的選取功能,不過就看它的核心是哪一種了....
Paint Deform: 恩...這有點像Zbrush 的功能...就不知道效能如何
Relax UV: 增強處理效能....
Preserve UV: 這在poly 的地方講過了...
mental ray : 更新到3.3,並且支援Render to Texture ,IES
Modular DX Materials: 增強的DX 材質,可在ViewPort 看到fx 材質效果
Pixel-Based Camera Mapping: 目前不明...
DirectX Rendering of“Standard Material”:可在一般材質和DX 材質間轉換。
Copy/Paste Materials, Maps, and Colours: 我猜這應該只是某免費plugin 內建...可按右鍵 Copy/Paste
Highlight Seams and Display Open Edges in the UV Unwrap and UVW Modifiers ....標亮貼圖軸缺口處。
Smart Object Culling: 可設定視窗中要看到的範圍,讓看不到的部分自動去除,加快顯示效能(有玩GAME的應該知道)
視窗效能增強,加強材質顯示正確度,並且可顯示Pixel 和 Vertex shaders
1st Person Camera: 特殊的第一稱攝影機,搭配一些控制器和動作就可以讓max 變成第一人稱的遊戲(FPS^^)
mobile gaming: JSR-184:...應該是一種手機用的3D規格之類的,這我不了..他還有搭配預覽功能。
Character Studio
恩...是的...Character Studio真的內建了...
這意味的你再也不用買它的 License....(ㄚ...之前買是凱子喔...@@)
非線性的角色動畫,並且可以透過群體運的的方式控制大量的角色,由於這次是整合到3ds max 中,所以在這個部分速度將大幅的提升(massive speed increase...我們等著看唄:P)
在某些時候會更快...on simple calculated crowd solvers...了吧...
理由是一般小工作室和 freelancer 不需要做太複雜的計算...(什麼爛理由...)
對 end user 而言,你不需要在多花錢購買兩套license..這也意味著從建模到動畫工作流程會更快(會嗎...@@),Discreet 的人保證我們會看到工作效率明顯的增加(一_一
mocap 資料的處理和編輯變的更容易了,以constraint 為基礎的非線性動畫混合功能(animation mixer)在處理時的效能加快了。(這用了才知道..等吧...)
3DS Max 7 的核心增強(幾乎每次都有這項...)
這次改版變更了許多系統的核心部分,首先要指出的是Mental Ray 更新到最新的3.3,很多end user 應該會很高興..(我不會用...T_T),接下來還有3點必須要特別注意:
Normal Mapping
這原本是用在製作遊戲時的一個技巧,將高面數模型上的精細度附加到低面數模型上。而現在透過複雜的演算法之後,這樣的技術也可以使用在影片和電影的製作上...(中間略過..反正就是在說明這樣做的好處..),重點是,他提到現在使用Normal Mapping 計算會比用bump mapping 快...(There is an additional option now in your bump mapping slow to apply Normal Mapping to your scene as a sub map.)
Sub Surface Scattering
SSS 效果使用在很多真實世界的地方,蠟燭、紙張、皮膚等等有點半透明效果的質感,在Max 7 裡新增了多種maps 和 materials 來處理這類效果。
SSS Fast Skin – 可快速並正確的計算SSS 效果
SSS Fast Skin and Displace – 加入 displacement mapping 的SSS Fast Skin
SSS -Physical – 真實物理運算法則的SSS(中間看不懂...),max現在終於有能力可以處理真實皮膚效果了。
SSS – 簡易的計算方式(這意味著比較快是嗎....)
Custom Attributes Collector(哦~~我最喜歡的功能^^)
Edit Poly Modifier (YA~~終於有了^^)
值得注意的功能,你可以快速而安心的處理複雜的模型,編輯或是製作動畫(wow~) - 這可以提升創作的效率。舉例來說,你可以不用為了使用poly功能而一直把堆疊壓掉(對...這很尷尬..),而且可以任意在某個時間作任意部分的動畫。
Skin Wrap Deformer(就圖片來看...這是應該就是 peter 寫的...)
很強的功能,改變了角色動畫的製作流程,它可以輕易的將物件或是衣物附著在另一個已經skin 了的模型上,這樣的功能讓製作流程變的很有彈性,你可以先將角色做好,並串上骨架,然後再回到一開始的狀態 - 幫他加個新武器或是換個髮型,可以不用重串骨架哦!
Snapping Workflow
鎖點功能增強,提升視窗顯示的正確性以及underlying snaping system (就是不會鎖到背面的點...)
Paint Selections (恩..Good~~silo 和c4d 的好功能)
以筆刷為基礎的選取功能 – 這意味著你可以 paint soft selections(讚啦~~)。
也就是增強顯示的效能啦...根據Discreet 的說法,當你開啟smart culling 功能,程式會自動把看不到的面做處理,讓它不用計算....(ok...這我們也只能等著看..)
增強版的Meshsmooth 功能,更快的效能以及更好的效果(原本的Meshsmooth 真的超差...效能很爛)
Mobile Game Dev Tools
手機遊戲製作工具 - 這是趨勢。看來max 專攻遊戲市場的趨向很明顯,支援JSR184 輸出
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