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专辑英文名: my life in music专辑中文名: 布里姆的音乐生活艺术家: 布里姆资源格式: DVDRip版本: 古典吉他视频发行时间: 2003年09月12日地区: 大陆语言: 英语简介:

[原创]布里姆my life in music dvdrip cd1[古典吉他视频]
引用Julian Bream - My Life in Music

The way covered by Julian Bream made him as one of the most unanimously admired guitarists by the other guitarists - that is an achievement Furthermore, he aroused enthusiasm of many renowned composers so that they dedicated to him substantial works which became established in the repertoire of the instrument, right from their creation.
Thanks to the magic of the DVD and the possibilities of subtitling it allows (English, French, Spanish, German for the PAL version; English and Japanese for the NTSC version) and especially thanks to those (Paul Balmer and Judy Caine) who dreamed and then, gave the life to this production, we have the chance to hear him expressing in their details the episodes of his life completely dedicated to the Music.
Let us underline that each of these episodes is magnificently illustrated by a numerous documentation which reflects the quality of the preparation and which makes this production a reference.
We also discovered, besides the fantastic instrumentalist and musician we already knew for a long time, a sensitive and warm man... Can this valuable production be seen and heard by the most. _ Guitare Diffusion
First Part - Main Profile - 120 minutes including an hour of performance
Subtitles: PAL version - English, French, Spanish and German - NTSC Version: English and Japanese.
In his 70th year Julian Bream tells his remarkable story with contributions from John Williams, Peter Pears, Igor Stravinsky, William Walton, George Malcolm, Richard Rodney Bennett and The Julian Bream Consort. Illustrated with over an hour of complete musical performance.
Julian Bream is considered by many as the greatest classic guitarist of the twentieth century, as if this were not enough he quietly re invented the renaissance lute and brought it to a new audience.
32 chapters and their durations:
01 Nocturnal (2 38)
Written for Julian Bream, Benjamin Britten s Nocturnal op. 70, is widely regarded as the centrepiece of the modern guitar repertoire and this masterpiece forms an appropriate frame for Julian s story. Director Paul Balmer returned Bream to Aldeburgh, revisiting the original manuscript at Britten s home. This culminated in the guitarist coming out of retirement to perform complete movements of the Britten and the de Falla Homenaje which inspired it, all in the wonderful acoustic of the Snape Maltings.
- 02 Hardy s england (1 05)
- 03 Heigh ho holiday (1 10)
- 04 I was born in battersea (1 27)
- 05 My musical father (1 48)
- 06 Django and Eddie Lang (3 28)
- 07 My first spanish guitar and meeting segovia (5 02)
- 08 BMG and the Philharmonic Society of Guitarists (4 52)
- 09 The PSG library (1 08)
- 10 A day boy at Royal College of Music (1 10)
- 11 Segovia 1947 / Castelnuovo-Tedesco (2 43)
- 12 Saraband for dead lovers (1 07)
- 13 Royal College of Music - no fee (2 43)
- 14 BBC radio and television (5 22)
- 15 Julian discovers Dowland (2 43)
- 16 Wigmore debut / Bach Suites (6 48)
- 17 National service (3 50)
- 18 Aldeburgh - Meeting Britten and Pears (5 11)
- 19 George Malcolm (3 21)
- 20 Improvising as a resource (2 49)
- 21 The Julian Bream Consort (4 42)
- 22 Meeting Ali Akbar Khan (3 56)
- 23 Stravinsky - The quest for repertoire (5 )
- 24 A life in the country / Cricket - A passion (5 15)
- 25 Recording at Wardour Castle (2 38)
- 26 The Renaissance and Baroque guitars (5 08)
- 27 What is essentially Spanish? (5 09)
- 28 New music for the guitar (6 05)
- 29 Working with John Williams (3 36)
- 30 Aldeburgh and the writing of Nocturnal (5 04)
- 31 De Falla Homenaje (4 15)
- 32 Come Heavy Sleepe - Passacaglia (8 32)
* Director commentary - accessed via set up on the main menu. Some insights into the behind the scenes stories . There is little visible sign of this but Julian became dangerously ill during the filming due to a foot infection. He hardly slept for five months and yet performed Nocturnal and Homenaje at what he regards as a career-best intensity.
* Alternative camera angles
The new interpretations of Britten s Nocturnal (two complete movements) and De Falla s Homenaje were recorded with 2 cameras. Paul has constructed an alternative edit available at any time during the performances by pressing angle on your remote control. This provides a unique opportunity to observe Julian s extraordinary and unconventional technique.
Second Part - Bonus Features - 75 minutes:
1_ 4 music archive music clips:
- Dionisio Aguad Rondo in a minor, op. 2
- Heitor Villa-Lobos: Study n. 11
- Thomas Morley: Galliard to the Sacred End Pavan - Julian Bream Consort (1987)
- William Walton - Bagatelle n. 5
2_ Guitarist s relish (9 Bonus chapters)
- The Nocturnal manuscripts
- Julian sees Benjamin Britten s original score for the first time.
- 1984 and bouncing back - how Julian recovered from his near tragic car accident.
- My first recital and the Maccaferri guitar.
- Sneaking my guitar into the Royal College of Music.
- Julian s nylons
- RCM tutor: Fernando Sor … never heard of him .
- Yuri Leschenko
- Dr. Perott s techniques
- Ithaca - Julian s favourite poem read by Jill Balcon.
3_ The Makers of... directed by Brendan McCormack.
4_ Bibliography - Text only, 3 pages.
5_ Discography - Text only, 35 pages, compiled by Judy Caine and Graham Wade.
6_ Research notes - Text only, 8 pages
7_ Guitar Timeline (A look at some guitars from the Renaissance to the 20th Century).
8_ Rare Stills Photo Montage / Mazurka en Sol, by T aacute;rrega.
9_ Richard Rodney Bennet : Sonata for Solo Guitar.
Commercially released for the first time by arrangement with BBC Music - recorded in the chapel at Wardour Castle for BBC Radio 3 - 29 June 1986 - produced by Gareth Walters.
在過去的四十年來,吉他逐漸成為世界上最受歡迎的樂器,並且與鋼琴、小提琴、長笛等樂器居於同等重要的地位。在二十世紀的古典吉他樂壇中,除了劃時代的大師塞歌維亞,朱里安 布林姆可說是當代最具代表性的宗師。
布利姆Julian Bream “My Life in Music DVD”
(限量版) 12/09/2003 在英國首度公開發行
此張最新的DVD 共計120分鐘, 其中包括了約一個小時的演奏及一些從未在
布利姆在其中述說了與一些人之互動如: John Williams, Peter Pears, Igor
Stravinsky, William Walton, George Malcolm, Richard Rodney Bennett 等等。
還有一些相關生平的介紹, 如第一次看到B. Britten 的 夜曲 (Nacturnal OP.70)
的手搞 ,還有在1984年發生的車禍如何影響他,第一次公開演奏會等等…。
其中有二首曲子是採雙機錄影的(Britten s Nocturnal 和 Falla s Homenaje ) , 也
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